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I have 2 sets of dark grey, 38.5" wide knockdown Pro Panels (4 pieces for 2 full panels). Includes a matching 10"x38.5" quick shelf, a small 38.5" quick bin, "L stiffener" for corner support, and numerous hangers (anchor hangers cable hangers & drapery hooks). Used 3 times.

Available for free if you pick up the set. I'm in Minneapolis MN.

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I am very interested.  Is there any way I could pay for boxing and shipping the panels to New York?  Is it possible for you to get a quote through a local UPS or Fedex store?  If not, I would have to make the drive from New York.  Please let me know either way.

Thank you,


Hi David, I may be open to doing that, especially if I don't get a response from anyone who is local to my area. I'd have to take the items to UPS or FedEx to get pricing, and I'll need time to arrange for help carrying them. Would you like me to follow up on that? Do you want to tell me your zip code in New York to get a better pricing quote?

Hi Eileen,  

I can’t thank you enough for considering shipping at my expense.  Please do get a quote, if it is not too much trouble.  My zip code is 14052 (a suburb of Buffalo, NY).  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks again!

Kind Regards,


Hi Eileen,  I am in Des Moines but would make the trip up to the cities for these.  Do you have any pictures?

Hi Eileen,

If shipping at my expense is any burden, as I mentioned, I will make the drive.

Kind Regards,


David and Mike:

I'm attaching an image of the panels set up for a show with the shelf and print bin attached. I would prefer to have them picked up if possible since I'm not charging for them. If you both want them, and are willing to make the road trip, I guess I'd go with the person who can pick them up sooner. Can either of you provide a date that you can get them?


Hi Eileen,

I have a coworker who lives in or near Minneapolis.  I may be able to have her pick them up in fairly short order.  I could give you a definite time and date tomorrow.  If you’d like to discuss logistics and details, feel free to email me at

Thank you very much,


Mike - I sent an email to your gmail address to discuss logistics.

Hi Eileen,

Unfortunately I can’t make the trip until after February 22.  If you can wait until then, great.  If not, I understand.  If it turns out that they are still available, please contact me at

Thank you,


David - I’ll let you know if for any reason they’re still available. 

The panels have been picked up and are no longer available.


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