Hi! I know this question has been answered in the forum, but all of the responses are from very long time ago. Any painters out there using a company they recommend for printing reproductions?  Thank you!!

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  • Century Editions

    16621 N 91st St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    century editions scottsdale phone - Google Search
  • I just did some test prints from mpix.com- super affordable and really beautifly done!


  • You need to start with a very good digital reproduction by photograph or scan. If money is not an option, I would have a professional service handle it all. Very pricey because you need to get digital reproductions and all of the PS processing and then have prints made on whatever medium you desire. Again, pricey.  Another option is to learn to print  and everything that goes along with that and it is not a mild learning curve. Or find a local printing service and possibly work out a deal. There are some good used large format printers out there but you can easily lose lots of money by not knowing what to look for. They are big and very heary. 

    There are many services out there that print on anything you want but the price can be cost prohibitive it is hard to make the money back short term.

    Bay Photo is very good option and they have great customer service.

    Also, Giclée is a fancy made up word that is used in place of INKJET. Nothing more. There is no standard to a giclee process and there is no giclee printer,

  • Hi Jenna. I know your questiuon is a few months old, but in case youre keeping up with your post here, sometimes I receive print orders on my website that I dropship from Bay Photo, but it gets very expensive. For my booth I just create them myself using a Canon Pro100 printer and Canon papers from Adobe Lightroom. I use a color mananged workflow, with a Datacolor color reference card, monitor calibration, and utilizing printer profiles.

    This video has awesome info about art reproduction, and I basically followed this as a guideline for my workflow.

    Bay Photo Lab - Professional Photo Printing - Prints on Metal, Canvas, Albums & More
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