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Ahhh the Booth Shot- if I could have one wish from a fairy it would be to have the perfect booth shot!  This year I put a lot of effort into making a new booth shot.  I even created several pieces specifically for the shot- bigger versions of what I usually make thinking they would fill in the space and look better.  I also came up with a banner- border idea which I created by making clay and painted "grass" and "sky" that I had banners made of.  

I had this shot by a professional but this is probably her first booth shot. She has done a great job at shooting interiors for my husband's tile business.  I think she did a pretty good job but I would like to hear if anyone thinks it could be better.

Also as you can see I did the shot inside.  To me this was MUCH easier- no weather to deal with and easier to control lighting.  But I realize this may be considered a no-no.  I am not sure why.  I guess it doesn't prove I have a tent.  

I would love to hear any thoughts.


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either by subject, by color or by price

I would say the bottom border is OK, but the top border serves no purpose and fights with the work hanging on the walls. And distractions can be seen in the gap between the top border and the panels.

If you apply to outdoor art shows, you need to show them the booth as it would be set up at their show, think white canopy. At the smaller shows you will probably be OK but the larger shows will require an outdoor booth under a white canopy.

Your large pieces are very nice but you have too much going on in different sizes hung to fill the space without balance. It's going to take the jurors too long to get a read on your work as it appears in the booth. Eliminate the smallest sizes and hang the larger work in a more balanced way, either by subject, by color or by price. Additionally the top of the top pieces should be at the same height and not go over the tops of your panels.

Larry Berman

As usual, Layl, Larry has it right ;) Lose the top banner, it distracts too much from the presentation, but you might keep it for the show, just not for this shot. This is nice and clean and well lit, but I'd probably put the two large pieces on the back wall and fewer of the small pieces. I'm intrigued by the piece that is in the middle on the left hand side, move that up to the front so it has more impact. You can crop closer also.

Thanks Connie and Larry.  This really helps!  I will be doing an outdoor shot this Spring and will take all your comments into consideration.


Download and print this out before shooting your next booth picture:

It's a list of things to take into consideration when taking your own booth picture.

Larry Berman


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