I am doing my first art fair in May.  It is at Laumeirer Sculpture Park in St Louis.  I don't have credit card processing set up yet.  I'm wondering if my sales would be significantly less if I didn't offer credit card processing, but required cash or personal checks instead.  My art is wood sculptures and display tables that will sell between $300 and $4000 each.  What is your experience with different payment methods? If credit cards are absolutely necessary, which provider have you had the best success with? Thanks,  Brent

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  • Although most sales will probably be with cards, you need to be prepared for cash sales. At my Colorado resort area shows I have to break $100's. Judging from their wad, they just came from an ATM and this is especially true of international clients. 

  • 80% of my show sales are credit cards.  We use Square it works well for us.  We do not use any cash apps at this time, however there are many vendors that do use it.  You do not need to purchase square hardware.  You can can use the Tap and Pay Function on your phone or Ipad.  Keep in mind I believe their is a higher % taken out using the Tap and Pay Function. Best of luck on your show.


  • Square isn't expensive.  I've never had anyone give me cash except my $40 small prints.   Get Venmo too. 

  • Necessary, Clover, expensive and not for everyone. Look at Square used by most artists.

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