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Did my first show (yeah!) and learned a whole lot. I also learned that I don't have a clue about a bunch of stuff! What do you all recommend for taking credit cards? I got ePN, which apparently doesn't work with my newish MotoZ phone. I can key in the info and limped along like that at the show, but I don't want to be limited in the future. Square seems a favorite. Who has comments about it? 

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I have used square for years and like it alot.

Thanks Greg

I use both square and paypal here, I think I need a new square reader it's been giving me problems lately. Unpairing from my tablet and I have to either repair or go with the magstripe reader. So lately I've been relying more heavily on the paypal here bluetooth reader.

Good idea to have a backup. Thanks

I have used Square exclusively, going back to 2013, I believe.  No problems.  We got the chip card reader when it came out and hung on the card swiper for now.  There are still a few cards out there that don't have a chip yet.  However, I figure in the next 12-18 months most of those will be replaced with chip cards as the expiration date comes due and a replacement card is sent out.

Do you have to have some other attachment to process the chip cards?

Yes, there is a deal to insert the card that is separate from the one that plugs into your phone.

I have used PayPal Here for years and I love it. It costs a tiny bit less then Square (2.7% vs 2.75%) but they also give you a rewards debit card. The money from the show goes right into your PayPal account so you can spend it right away (good for if you're traveling to a show) and you get 1% back from your purchases. I also have a square as a backup and have been satisfied with them whenever I have used them but it's pretty rare.

Definitely seeing the benefits of a backup. Thanks for the details on PayPal. I really didn't consider that as a contender before.....

Hello.  I have used Paypal for a few years and the first chip card reader was pretty good, but gave it up after about a 2 years or so.  They replaced it with another style (I now have two of those) THAT DOES NOT FUNCTION!  It disconnects from the ipad, loses battery after about 2-3 hrs.  It was extremely aggravating and time consuming.  I now have their chip, swipe and tap version but have not used it yet.  I also ordered Paypal's portable charger for the new reader so that the battery will hold out.  Makes me nervous for the rest of the season, so we will see how it goes.  I'm also looking into a portable wifi hot spot (one without a monthly fee) to see if that will boost my internet connection while on the road plus getting another Square chip reader just to be sure I'm covered. I do have to say that Paypal sent me replacement readers free of charge and credited me for the charger so I did not have that expense  - I really did give them a hard time about it.  That's good but does it work?  We will see.

Yikes! Sounds like you have had quite a bit of trouble! Sounds like Paypal would be a backup only for me. Hope you have better times with the replacement tech.

Yes, this experience with Paypal was a hassle.  Yesterday I looked further into the mobile hotspot and I think it would be better to get a second Square chip reader just in case mine gives it up.  Square's offline mode is convenient when I do not have a signal but it makes me nervous about uploading, etc.  Haven't had a fraudulent charge though.  


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