Hello everyone,

There are sales on the two that I'm looking at, and I was hoping someone would have some insight. Many have said not to go the $200 route, the $600 will be worth it, but its not a possibility for me, and I really want to get started doing bigger, outdoor shows. I have seen a couple of other threads about similar set ups; I apologize for redundancy.

Also, if there are other accessories or things you can think of that would be important about them I am all ears. Thanks in advance, I hope to get to start meeting some of you in real life soon!


Links below are to the current sales I have found:



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  • I'm looking for a pop-up style tent as well for some one day shows. I usually use a lightdome. Those of you with the Undercover . . . are they a bit dark inside?

  • I have not used or owned a Eurmax tent.... HOWEVER my first tent was a Undercover that I purchased in 2010. I sold it and have since since purchased a Trimline and also a Vitabri. I sold the Undercover to a friend and she is still using it... and loves it.

    • Thanks, Greg! I appreciate the info. seems like people are pretty pleased with that brand. I hope your new ones hold up as long as the old. :)

  • Thanks, Larry. My apologies for the incorrect information. The link to the undercover is below. How do you think it is for single person set up?

    There is a door and window cutout I n the Eurmax that I really like. The looser Curtain sides don’t lend themselves to much else.

  • You state Euromax and Undercover, however your two links only go to Euromax. Perhaps you want to look at Undercover also.

    I have never used a Euromax. I have used several Undercovers. I also use Trimline. I love the Undercover. It is not as strong as the Trimline. Not in the same category. however it is strong. Easy to set up and very well made. has held up in ver, very bad rain storms with heavy winds. When others lost their tents including high end tents, these held up fine.

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