I was just wait listed for this show.  I've never done it and wonder if it is as good as they say it is.  I will still be double booking that weekend but I'd love to hear if this is a show to drop everything for if I get in last minute.


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  • H'mm: when did you find out you were waitlisted? Also, when, and how (e-mail, or by mail)?  I'm still waiting to hear.  :(
    • Hi Linnea,

      I am a waitlist person also (painting).  I received my notice snailmail, even though I am certain they have my email address. 

      • Yes, I eventually got mine in the mail too. These days, I am surprised to get a notification that way, when the application is done online.


        I am also waitlisted. I emailed to find out where I am on the list, but they did not reply. Has anyone else emailed and found out their status? I love it when shows are willing to share that information. I'm on 3 now, and the other told me immediately when I asked. When they don't, I don't think they realize that it is a financial issue for us.

  • Whoops- I can just see myself doing that too!  I went to a show once a week ahead- and sure enough- Empty park!

    Thanks for the info.  It's a tough one this time because the alternative is two one day shows 4 hours away from each other- both very good shows but hard work!  Well- I'll keep my options open and ask around when I do other shows in the area.  That part of Iowa has been really good for me.

    • When in doubt, go with what works for you!  If you have a following at a certain show, that is more important than trying something new, especially in the current state of economic affairs.
      • Good advice. Don't mess with something good.  
  • The show is actually in Cedar Falls!  If you go to Cedar Rapids, you'll be one lonely artist in an empty park!  There are only 75 booths; it's an easy setup and tear down.  The show is on the grounds of the U. of Northern Iowa.  Everyone comes to the show at least twice, since it's one of the biggest events in the city.  It all depends on the other show you applied to:  is it a bigger city?  Have you done it before and done well?  Do you have a mailing list for that other city?  

    I always hang onto being a waitlisted artist for a show if I've double booked - at least until I find out if I'm in the other show.  Then I cancel out of the one I don't want to do so that another artist can get a spot - and hopefully both of us can then make a paycheck!

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