Collecting Taxes in Kentucky

I got accepted to St. James this year, and its my first "away" festival. Up until now I've only done shows in Ohio, so I'm sure what the best way to go about finding the tax information would be. Such as do I need a transient vendor license, if so where do I get one, do I need to fill out tax paperwork in advance or just collect them and fill out paperwork after the festival is over, or semi-annually, annually, etc. Anyone know the answers or where I should go to find this information?

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  • The best resource for any state, is to go to their official web site. I search for "sales tax license". Even when I get info from show organizers I confirm that it is good information for that state. The sites are usually
  • Kentucky is easy! the show will give you a form to send in. No filing quarterly, etc.
    • Awesome! Thanks for the info!

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