Suggestion for all artists: please go into your ZAPP account and make sure that you've capitalized those letters that need it and haven't used all CAPS. It's not cute and gets you noticed for all the wrong reasons. What it means is that the show has to change it every single time they want to use a downloaded artist list or it looks like they are sloppy. I know I say this every year but it continues on. And we're just a tiny show so I can't image a show that gets 1,000 apps dealing with this.

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  • I just received an email from one of the shows I'm doing on my fall tour in a few weeks and it says the same thing about all caps and all small letters and how the show must change everything and that it is tiring, etc. My info is normal and typical, so I'm not at fault.

    So I'm wondering, do you know that zapplication has a note inside the profile page right next to the blocks where we key in our personal information telling artists that what they key in is what a show will see? Here's what it says inside that text block:

    NOTE: Please input your information exactly as you want it to appear on booth signs, mailings, registration packets, name tags, etc. (e.g. John Smith vs. john smith or JOHN SMITH)

    So I'm wondering why any show would change what artists key into the zapp system when the probability of them seeing this NOTE is really very high and thus they keyed in what they wanted to accordingly. What an artist keys into the system is what they want a show to see and how they want their name illustrated.

    Maybe this is something to bring up to zapp and it's something zapp can correct in the software. If I key in all caps, the system will automatically change it and capitalize the first letter and lower case the others. Or whatever.

    Is it really that big a deal? If shows didn't change case letters, would it really be a glaring error? Would it reflect badly on the show? Really?

    Also, the zapp system provides a text block for first name, middle initial, and last name. I go by Barrie Lynn Bryant and not Barrie L. Bryant (it's a southern thing.) So what do you suggest I do about that? I'll tell you what I actually do, I put Barrie Lynn in as my first name, no middle initial, and Bryant as my last.

    Sometimes we have to think about how to trick the system in order to get what we want. Zapp has some flaws, and so do we. We just don't know what the heck shows see or what shows have to go through. And it's possible that shows don't know what artists are going through, either.

    I am a collaborator with my wife. 9 times out of 10 a show will not even recognize me as a collaborator. Shows do not see that we've checked the box for TEAM rather than INDIVIDUAL, and thus they don't print my name in the literature or anywhere.

  • I know you've just juried your show, the Garage Sale Art Fair, Bonnie. This is helpful information. I think artists would be surprised how many times their names get added to lists for many purposes in the lead up to the show. This is a courtesy to the administrators, so they don't have to go back in each time to fix your name or other information. Make your profile as professional as possible and make it right! Great idea to review it every now and then.

    • My business name is in all lowercase letters. That's the way I prefer...
  • And also make sure your information is current!

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