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Are there really any festivals that do not allow pop up / ez-up type art canopies and require higher end more expensive ones? I mean festivals that require a canopy and do not provide one already for the artist. 

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Des Moines and Columbus. And there was one west coast show that I heard rejected artists who had a pop up tent.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry.

It may depend on where you live and plan on doing shows, also it may be show specific.  Where I live and do shows most people use the EZ Up.  Rejection for shows I do are not for using EZ Up but would be for other reasons.

There are pop up canopies available that have have improved greatly and are of a far superior quality than the cheap pop up's that many people relate to and use. Better ones will have a stronger framework and vinyl tops/sides. 

Thanks you guys for getting back. I may look into a stronger pop up. they are so convenient and pack up comparatively small. space is an issue for me too

Here's an article I wrote listing the sturdy pop up tents.

Larry Berman

Thanks Larry, very helpful. I had heard of KD. Some of the others seem to be located in the UK

Another option depending on your art work and its value subject to water/wind damage is to have a tent custom made. My frame is 1" steel conduit with long peaked roof assembled with steel corner fixtures. I have a tan stripped canopy of RV awning material used for mountain high wind areas and a white vinyl for "white only shows". Both have served me well for over 20 years making original cost (about $1200 in 1990's and $1300 for white about 10 years ago) reasonable. I have lost more merchandise to shoplifters than the weather.

That sounds interesting. I dont think I'm going to have time to do it, but ist's a great idea. Thanks!

Look into "Undercover" website is
They also make professional series of canopies.
I was concerned, as you are, so I communicated with some of the shows aforementioned, they researched my model and approved it for their shows.
I've been at shows where other tents could not handle the winds but mine was fine.
Not very expensive. Extremely easy to set up and breakdown for one person. Light weight.
I use about 50 lbs weight hanging on each corner. My flourish double mesh panels, my lighting system, curtain walls and artwork all hanging on the frame work with no problem.
Their customer service is very good, however they do not answer the phone very often. With email contact no problem.

So far several other artists, after seeing my setup at shows, have reached out to get one for themselves.

What model Undercover do you have?  Don't you need to have sta-bars on it to use the Flourish mesh panels, as well as an upper bar to hook onto?


Please don't take this as a marketing list.

I have no affiliation or financial incentives with the listed companies. I just like their product and service.


I have a couple of the tents.


and a model R-3

Despite the naming convention the R-2 is the heavier duty, by a little bit.

They make them with different strength Denier fabric ie 300 or 600. Mine are all the 600 which is very strong.

Yes, you need lower stabars for the flourish panels. I use 3 walls. hence 3 stabar sets.

I also have extra stabar setups so I can convert one wall into a door or a french wall.

You do not need upper stabars unless you are doing a french wall or doorway. the Flourish panels hook / strap to the tent frame on top & corners, very tight. 

Tent from Undercover, specify the R-2 with the CRS curtain walls. The walls hook on a wire and side like shower curtains. They have velcro built in straps for the corners for securing as well as for tie backs.

The tent has an operable (close / open) vent system at the peak.

It has a dial adjustment in the center to change the stretch for the peak, able to keep it taught.

4 height adjustments at each corner give plenty of adjustment.

The latch system for corners is a LARGE push button that makes it impossible to pinch your hand (unless you are terribly uncoordinated).

After initial setup, canopy top remains on frame, when collapsed and stored. So during each assembly you only need to rehang walls. Walls take less than 5 minutes to do complete, by myself.

Materials have a reflective aluminum coating on the inside. This allows plenty of light but cuts the heat tremendously. 

So far they do not have an awning setup for this tent. I'm making one up.

Velcro at eaves for extra attachments and hanging.

Comes with:

Roller carry bag with separate compartments.

Tent frame

Canopy top

4) Walls

Flame certificate

Flourish Panels / Mesh Walls

Stabars and panels from Flourish. Tell them it is for the Undercover.

The panels are the same whether they are full wall or doorway or french wall. The only difference is if they make extra cuts in the inner metal bars.

As the cost is so little difference, I had them cut my walls so I had the option. I can use all of mine in either fashion. Yet it seems to make no difference in  structure. They are probably stiffer without the extra cut but I find no issues.

Biggest difference between this and Propanels is the extra space at the bottom and I'm limited to wall space whereas Propanels are position-able anywhere.

However this is so light (easy one hand carry) and packs into a carry bag approx. 10" x 7" x 60". Mine are the heavier black, double walls. They are mesh on one side and closed weave on the other. You can hang on both sides. Mesh with "S" hooks. Weave side with "drapery" hooks.

The setup allows air flow yet the double walls cut down a lot on extraneous light.

I can install and strap a mesh wall in approx. 3 minutes. 

I get no sag with the walls pretty full with framed photographic artwork. Although I don;t use heavy frames and I use Acrylic instead of glass glazing.

Specify to Flourish the stabars are for this model tent. They will give you the proper lengths and proper corner brackets to fit the corner posts.

I forget if it was Undercover or Flourish that supplied the screw in ground stakes also. They are good.

One of them also has good weight bags for the system.

Hope this helps.


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