Hi, I'm new to fairs and shows, but I have done some smaller things like farmers markets. I now have an EZ-up tent and just a couple grid walls (without feet). I want to work my way up to something more sleek and professional looking so that I can do fairs, but I don't know if I can do this gradually. I also have a Subaru Crosstrek, which will make the transporting part a challenge. 

I keep thinking that maybe I can get just the mesh sides to start and attach them somehow to my EZ-up. I'd like black, but I only see white options for the kind I think I want. If not mesh, then maybe a couple of Pro Panels, but I think I'd have to strap them to my roof... not sure if that's possible. 

Would I have to buy the whole "system" if I go with one of those options? And do I need any of the leg supports that look like they go with the mesh or pro panels? Or do I need the proper tent first to be able to do either?

I swear I've looked at both sites, but I start getting pretty overwhelmed and confused! Any help is appreciated!

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  • You can get the Black Mesh Softwalls from Flourish. You can purchase one, two or a set of three. You can get them in various sizes. If you tell them the exact tent you own, including if it is one diamond or two diamond, they will supply you with the ones you need. 

    You really should get the lower stabars. That being said, you could use a makeshift system via using stakes or something else to anchor the bottom and keep the tent corner legs from being pulled inward.

    This would not be a wasted expense as most all of the products you would get could be used when you transition to a higher end tent, ie Trimline, Crathut, Ligthtdome etc.

    Yes, you will need the leg supports. These will be for your specific tent. That is something you may have to repurchase, once you buy a different type of tent.

    This is not wasted money. It allows you to present a better display now. Earning you greater income, until you upgrade. Thus paying for itself.

    Even the stabars are two section units. Only one half of each stabar unit might have to be changed if / when you upgrade your tent. This is because many pop-up style tents are slightly smaller in diameter than a Trimline etc. 

    • Thanks so much, Larry! I went back and found the page on Flourish and saw that I could get single panels if need be. And upon further examination (better photos that I found), I saw that the other mesh in black should be fine. Thanks for making sense of this so I could navigate to the right pages! 

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