This link refers to an article about a mall in St Louis that was scheduled for demolition when the owners decided to open it's closed store spaces to artists for next to nothing($100.00 a month) to attract buyers and reinstall some life back into the failed mall. Well the plan worked,...and that same company owns the Pembroke Mall in Va. Bch. where they are doing the same thing! Myself(the first to take advantage of the situation) and so far, three other of my artists buddies (and counting) have followed suit! An "Art Space" has been created central to Va. Bch. and slowly the public is finding out that this local mall is an art destination for art buyers to purchase local art bypassing waiting for the outdoor shows and looking for parking places or dealing with inclement weather! I hope that wherever you are you might want to approach your local Mall with the same idea(that's assuming that they have empty storefronts) and see where it might take you.

Storefront Panarama.jpg

Storefront Panarama(north view).jpg

Artistic creations biz ad.jpg

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