Weve had this happen a few times this year -

We have postings up in our booth that state " No Photography , No Video recordings , Copyrighted work " .

and when i personnally requested they stop they pretended they didn't hear me and continued doing it ( walking very slow threw the booth ) . I think this person was from another country becasue they were talking to the their phone in a language i did not understand  while they were taking their time doing this - sorry i cant distinguish their language ( mean no offense to anyone )

Talking to other Artists , I was told they a have been seeing this more frequently and that

their are concerned as well .  this is a problem of sorts - but it does seem they mean harm

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  • You could look into these camera jammers. Of course cell phone jammers are not legal but maybe camera jammers are. It might depend on the state. So I'm NOT advocating anything illegal.

    The first link is an app for android which sets up a field area where cell cameras don't work... I think. The english is not good in their description so I can't tell if they mean it disables other phones or just the one its installed on.


    The second claims to disable spy cameras in a 20 meter area but it doesn't specifically say cell cameras or digital cameras.


    • Very interesting idea! Didn't even know something like that was available! I've got to check that out!

      And, if it can work secretly,...what a brazen picture stealer doesn't know, won't hurt them or you!

      • I highly doubt the viability of the software, put into your smartphone, that would disable photo taking from other smartphones or cameras.

        Being as I understand how cameras work. This is extremely unlikely.

        Putting questionable software into your smartphone is dangerous.

        If such software were available to the public, don't you think every thief who wants to rob houses / properties, would employ it?

        BTW a "cell phone jammer" does not stop one from taking photos with a cell phone. Instead it interrupts the communication signal with the cell towers. It is also a federal offense.

        My smartphones as well as my cameras do not require any communication signals in order to take pictures. Furthermore, when in manual modes, they do not rely on any infrared nor sonic detection for focus or exposure. 

        I would call this false information, IMHO.

        • I thought it was too good to be true. That explains why the ads were so vague with no real tech data. I guess the only place we'll ever see it is in the movies.

        • Hi Larry, It did unfortunately sound too good to be true! But I felt hopeful enough that I'd would have "checked it out"!
          Thanks for saving me a lot of time with your perfectly timed, "dose of reality"! 
          PS With so many "miracles" happening these days, technologically speaking,...it's hard to separate reality from "wishful-thinking"!   Thanks, Louise 

  • If you want to search I started a thread / discussion on here about "Signage" promotor's responsibility. It address' this very issue.

  • Although I am a big proponent of stopping the illegal picture takers. I would avoid claiming people are from "China" or anywhere else, without very good proof. Just because "someone else" said they were is not proof. it does not matter what their physical appearance or language seemed like. That is profiling and prejudicial. 

    Stating it is wrong. Calling them thieves etc. is appropriate. Claiming their nationality would not be.

  • This may be a stupid idea, but it would stop short of physically body tackling a brazen offender.

    How about making a "flag" (stiff or floppy) on a long stick with a printed, "no pix/videos allowed, This is copyrighted work" (& also a "soft Threat",..."I'd hate to prosecute you for copyright violations" printed on it!  

    Max important: you take a clear pix/video of the perpetrators too, to protect against for future problems!  

    You could then vigorously "wave the flag" in front the cellphone of anyone brazen enough to take pix after your warning!

    This "ploy" might make their cellphone pix/filming very difficult?  ;-)

    • ill say this for ya- your very creative 

      I think that might scare away what every customers I have in my booth

      - i have considered buying a digital camera mounted on the top of the 

      canopy pole that takes shots every 15-30 seconds or so -like one of those ones the hunters mount

      in the woods to keep track of the deer . their typically stored for a day or more - thinking a high number in gigs might store them for 3 days ( during show hours ) that might be non threatening to honest people 

      I tried to get a picture of this fancy lady from China , but by the time i got my cell phone out she was gone. My wife thinks I worry too much - but we have developed our work for years and now with these fancy i phones etc- someone can just walk by you and make a high def digital movie that can be broken down into high def individual frames-with every thing you make in a matter of a few seconds -scary stuff 

      Pictures would help ID someone for future prosecution -or maybe to share with other artists

      so their on the lookout -

  • I have had the same problem, seems people at the higher end shows are more respectful, lower end shows not so much.

    In one particular city show this year, run by a pretty good promoter, I had to spend alot of time on the no photos issue.

    So, simply, I am not going to do that show again. I will simply spend my booth money at other shows in 2020.  Of two neighboring artists at the same show, same problem, and one of them will not be back to the show for the same reason. Th other will probably not be back, as they were not selling much. And I had good sales at this show. 

    It might be in in both the artist's and the show's long term self interest, and certainly in the artist's interest, to put up "no photo" signs. 

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