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My husband and I are headed to our first art fair next month. My husband is the artist and I'm his organizer. He is a screen printer and will be selling prints, some of which will be displayed on a table and some in a print rack. He would like to hang some of the framed prints up, but we're not sure the best way to do this. The booths at the fair will be separated by just curtain walls. What do you guys use to create sturdy "walls" to hang framed pictures. He's discussed setting up several easels and placing them around the booth, but I think having them hung up around the entire booth would draw more people in. Any suggestions for easy-to-move "walls"?

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  • Hi Chloe - Great Wishes to you for a successful first show!
    A few things to consider. If you anticipate getting into the higher tier (I call them Class "A" )shows in the future, many of them prefer non metal walls - at least fabric covers. For years I have liked my the panels I purchased from the manufacturer Graphic Display Systems. The same walls are sold by Flourish Company. Online purchase of those cannot be done, but if calling them, they provide excellent assistance. Flourish Company also has fabric panel covers for those panels for a more professional look. I am now switching over to the Pro-Panels. A little pricey, but also easy to work with. Both provide an opportunity to purchase sections at a time and eventually you can add to them until you have enough for a 10x10 booth. I remember just starting out and it seems like so much money had to go out for the setup. It's nice to have an overall plan and build on it each year.

    The mesh panels Suzan mentioned are great too as long as the art is not too heavy.

    Have a terrific show!
  • Thanks Suzan! Is there a more economical or easier way just in case we don't get things ordered quickly? Is there a display you can create by finidng items at Home Depot of Lowes that would work? What about a wire structures?
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