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Hello from a newbie. I am a nature photographer and decided to bite the bullet and sign up for a few local art and craft shows. I certainly did not relize what I was getting myself into or the expense and time that went with it. However I am still excited and moving forward with the show. To get a couple of booth photos  I had to setup my canopy on my closed in deck due to our windy cold weather up here in the north. I was wondering if two six foot tables would leave enough room for a few customers. Thank you and let me know if I could do anything to improve my setup.

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Can it be improved, Yes.

Now, as that has been said... it looks good. This is your first show and the booth has a "Artsy" feel to it. That might work well for you. Assuming the tables are 24" wide that would leave you 6' walk space between them. that's sufficient.  Sometimes looking "too professional" is a detriment. Your's has a nice look. If this is the booth shot, for jury submission, you might consider reducing the amount of roof / ceiling in the image.

Thanks for the input Larry. As far as a booth shot goes I did need one to submit for a couple shows but will definitely have a better image for the future.

Hey Ted,

First, good luck! I started with photography four years ago and I'm still learning what works, what doesn't, which shows are best for me, which aren't. So keep pushing if you enjoy it.

A few things I would say about tent setup in general. One of my rules is: nothing can block the wall art or the view inside. I can't tell by the angle of the photo but be careful with the large print bin on the right. Don't let it crowd out any of your table shots or a wall piece. Also, I think the print bin on the right for your small mats needs to be higher. This prevents people from having to bend down so far. Same for your card rack. Don't let it block better - and more profitable - prints behind. That's one reason I simply don't do cards anymore. (Plus the margins are so low!)

I have a print bin for my 8x10 unmatted on a small table that puts them at browsing height. I have a bin for my big prints facing forward like you. And then I keep all of my other matted prints in a long hand-made bin at browsing level along one wall. That give me a full wall to hang opposite it. 

Again - best of luck!

Thank you for your advice Fletcher. The first thing you mentioned was the large print bin covering the wall art,  it was the angle of the shot...I was on my knees and it will not block my wall images. Good point on the other print bin being to low, I will have too find something to bring it up a bit. I am so looking forward to my first show in June. I also will be setting up my tent a couple more times to get the hang of it and do a better full setup for a jury application image.

Too many print bins and too much going on for a good booth picture. Never have anything on the ground (or outside the 10x10) for a booth picture. It took me years to figure it out and once I did my gross for each show increased. Only two sizes, one small and also available unframed and one large framed on the walls optionally unframed. That also meant I was spending less on inventory and making more profit. Your current picture won't work with the better shows.

Larry Berman

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I have heard a couple times about to much or to busy looking booth. I think I will go with 2 print bins and one table. I had to put this tent up on my deck because it is still snowing up hear, the photos were just taken for critique and am sure getting plenty of that. I will set it up and try again in a couple weeks. thanks again.

I think you have received excellent advice from other photographers.  You have done many things right, and kudos to you for doing so much so right on your first effort.  I am not a photographer, and will leave that alone, but my first reaction was to the table covers.  They leave the ends looking messy.  You need a neat clean table cover that covers all 4 sides (or three if visible to public) completely to the ground.  Choose whatever color works for you, the black seems like a good choice.  

Good luck!  This is a crazy way to make a living, but there is a reason why I am in year 35!

Make sure you have enough room for handicapped access.  Wheelchairs do need enough room to maneuver.  These people are your customer, too.

Great reminder, Sandra! Thank you. Makes me want to go back and review my own setup with that in mind.

Great reminder, thank you Sandra.

Thanks Jan, I have been looking at full covers for the tables today and will probably go that route. Thank you again.

Thanks Jan, I have been looking at full covers for the tables today and will probably go that route. Thank you again.


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