FOR SALE  located in Jacksonville, FL. area


4 heavy grade vinyl sidewalls - 1 wall has zipper in center.  Made my Flourish for the EZ Up.   New $215.00 -  $ 60.00  - good condition except velro straps getting worn.

1 lower stabar kit for 3 sides leaving front open.   Made by flourish for the EZ Up.  New $120.00  -$40.00  lower in good condition.

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  • Great--what does this mean exactly?

    Will deliver if purchase all within 150 miles for $120.00 

  • Robin, see the photos just above your reply. That's all it would let me post when I placed the ad. There's a photo of the wooden necks/earring holders and the table displays.  If you need more, I can send them later.  I'll need to take some others.  Thanks.

  • I’m interested in the jewelry displays. Can you send me pictures?
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