Booth decoration-photos of your work printed on fabric

I am looking for a source to print on a fabric piece.  To call it a banner sends everyone to a different place. What I saw reminded me of living room drapes-accented by a shorter piece of fabric at the corners-what I saw at StoneArch was something like that shorter piece of fabric tailored with an accent cord used to mount it to the booth structure.

Anyone one out there who understands what I am attempting to describe?

Thanks, Jim

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  • I have used this company with much success
    • Thanks Jeanette-
      I have spoonflowered in the past-look under brown_eyed_daisy. Yet I did not think of this resource to have photographs printed on the fabric. How have you used their products?

      • I am a mixed media artist but I also like to do art journals.I did some doodling and art journal pages and they printed them onto fabric for me.I then went and made some bags to sell with my art on it.I also had a one of my girls that I painted printed on the fabric.

        It is a bit expensive but they do really fabulous work.I wish I had a picture but I didn't back up my hard drive so when my computer died so did my pics...I am correct in assuming you want a panel long enough to be a drape correct? If so are you then wanting to sew it to other fabric panels to make a drape? Am I sorta on the right track.

        I know that you can buy fabric panels then you can transfer images to the panels by using golden gel medium.You would have to have them printed unless you have a wide format printer.I have one but don't use it often.Let me know if I am or am not in the ball park on this.
        • I am trying to describe something I saw in a booth from CO at the StoneArch Festival of the Arts in Mpls this June. It was narrower but similar to the center section of the drapery in the attached photo (sans decorative rope). A picture of the artist's work was reproduced on the fabric in a seamless manner.

          drape example.jpg

  • possible source for you:

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