booth advice for those just starting out

Does anyone have recommendations what vendors to use for Art Show booths? I would prefer someone with a good website or located in Northeast Ohio if they are not on the web. I am just starting out, and would love a point in the right direction. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the updates, everyone. For the time being I have been using an E-Z up with metal mesh walls...which I got from an acquaintance who no longer does show, and it has worked so far. I really would like to upgrade as I get into more shows and Flourish looks like it is well worth the investment. My second show is tomorrow! Yeah!
  • Hi. If you are looking for display items- check your local listings for discount or used store fixtures. This is how I buy items such as gridwall. What you choose will really depend on what you are displaying, though.
  • I second the advice on checking out In addition to the canopies, they have good accessories, and even a list of items you need to bring to a show.

    If you decide to go with a pop-up, the Caravans I've seen from Costco seem to be better made than equally priced EZ-Ups - but that's just my opinion. Whatever kind of pop-up you get, look at the Flourish Sta-bars. They are great for stiffening your tent.

    Another place to look for wall sections and racks is your local restaurant and store fixtures place. There's a place in Norfolk, VA (Dolphin fixtures) that sells to us artists at the same price they sell to large stores. They also have a lot of used racks and display items.
  • I wasn't sure what you mean by art show booths. Are you talking about display furniture or canopies?

    As for furniture I use - and they have a lot of specials (discounts) each month. I do have folding tables - I usually have just one as a check out area + display area. I also check out places that are going out of business. When Franks Nursery went out of business in 2006 (in our area at least) I bought a great wrought iron rack 1/2 which folds and collapses. I would definitely check out retail display furniture - I go on this sites frequently to price compare and some offer different styles of items too - jewelry displays come to mind.

    As for canopies - there is always EZ-UP, but I don't recommend them - they break easily, especially the newer ones as they are not made with a sturdy metal. It is lighter and easily bends and of course blows down in storms which not only destroys your work, but most likely can lift off and come down on a show patron or on another persons booth and wreck their booth. I just bought a Trimline. I still have sticker shock, but am breathing a huge sigh of relief because everything about them seems to pay for itself from the sky light and vent to the sturdiness of the whole canopy. Granted I did buy - when I first started out a simple canopy (from a camping store) that cost $75 and it lasted 4 years - perfect for just a few outdoor events and when staked and anchored it wasn't all that bad.

    Anyway, give us an update on your progess. I am curious to know if you did buy anything and your thoughts on it. - Michelle - By the Bay Botanicals,
  • thank you very much for the reference! I will check out the site.
  • Hello-

    I would try they have nice booth set ups. For a good booth you are looking at spending about $1000 and up-depending on size.

    Another good option is Ebay-if you are looking for something local Walmart sometimes carries the EZ-UP canopies for under $100.
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