I have a set of Pro Gallery Covers from Flourish.com. These are 3 pale gray panels and 4 corner wraps, and they've been used once. They're designed to go over the TrimLine Mesh Panels. I'm asking $200 plus shipping. I'm in the Oklahoma City area, but I can also ship them. 


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  • Are these available? I am in Texas and ready to pay
    • Julie,

      I just edited the above post. When I bought the booth, I purchased the black covers. After a while I decided I'd rather have pale gray, so I bought pale gray and listed the black covers. One show later, I realized I really liked black better, so I've edited the posting and am now trying to sell the pale gray covers. I'm traveling, but I'll be following this thread if you respond.

  • Have you sold these panels yet?

    • I don't have the black panels for sale anymore, but now I have the exact same thing in pale gray for sale for the same price.

      I'll leave this up for a couple more days so my phone number is still there, and then I'll delete the original post if I can.

  • Did you ever sell these?

This reply was deleted.