Best way to build out wood shelves in a cargo van?

Looking for advice/pictures on how to build wood shelves onto the inside of a bare cargo van with metal sides. I was thinking just 2x4s and chicken wire would do the trick. The only thing I need to hang up on shelves are my pro panels and paintings. The rest just ramps in from the back. so a row of shelves on the left/right above the wheel bases. Not sure best way to affix the shelves to the van sides. thanks! 


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  • 2x4's and chicken wire sounds like a bad idea unless all your paintings are of chickens.

    Google 'cargo van built in shelving' and you'll see plenty of examples from DIYers building from scratch or adapting existing shelving.

    Buying shelving from companies who specialize in pre-made is really expensive so depending on your skill level adapting might be the best and quickest solution. For shelving, garage sales, want ads or home centers for low cost shelving.

    I would also consider not going so extravagant that you can't easily change or make adjustments to it later as your needs change.

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    • Thanks, good link resources there! You're right, I've decided against the chicken wire. Pic attached of my progress so far. Plan from here is crossbars, then I'll do plywood for the shelf floor and sides. I call them shelves but really I'm just making 2 huge slots. One for pro panels and another for paintings. 



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