Best *Waterproof* Tent

Hello, I am on the market for a new tent and I am shopping for something truly waterproof so that my cards and prints are safe at outdoor shows. I definitely don't want one that says "water resistant" only.

I am looking at the E-Z Up Vinyl tent or the Mastertent. I ruled out a Trimline because with three herniated discs I need something relatively easy to put up and take down. My current tent is an older E-Z Up and I like it, minus the leaking in the rain!

Does anyone have experience with either of them (or another one that's truly waterproof)? 

(And if anyone has one for sale in MD, VA, WV, or NC let me know!)

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  •  Hi Ashleigh,
    I also have an older ez up (10+ years) and I'm in the market for a new one. I have never had a problem with leaking. Some people put a pool noodle where the tent meets the frame to prevent the water that can build up there. Ez up suggests tent waterproofing spray for seams that are leaking (camping supply). The EZ up "one up" tent is the lightest and easiest for one person because of the height and weight. Unfortunately the Flourish walls I have need the center diamond shape on the heavier model. Good luck finding something. 

    • Hi Lauren! My tent top is 15+ years old and leaks everywhere--there are quite a few threadbare spots where I can see the sun peeking through on nice days. I tried waterproofing spray but it's just too far gone!

      I did find that the company that makes the Light Dome will make me new vinyl walls and a top, so I'm going that route! Nothing wrong with my frame, so I'm saving about $500 that way. I'll post about my experience after I've gotten to use them in December.

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