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Lost two cheapo tents this season already and don't want to waste more money on next one. Need durable tent with the crisscross center post, ideally with a vented roof and of course side walls. Need ASAP. Have shows this Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Where can I get online & delivered quickly

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I can tell you we purchased a used light done (the barrel shaped one) and it has served us well.  It is much stronger structure, but it also does take a few more minutes to assemble, and pop in place.  Our tent frames togethe with telescoping horizontal bars that click into the corners, and once they are clicked together and fully telescoped we attach the roofing frame (3 partial circles), the vinyl roof then gets snapped on, and the legs click into the corners.  LEgs telescope up to 8-9 feet, and side walls zip on to the canopy, and to each other.  Solid and once staked down its not going anywhere.

I would say either a trimline or light dome are well constructed, and they create a few different levels of tents, however the lowest is still much more strong than an ez-up.  We have gone through 2 ez-ups, and they do not handle high winds or challenging weather as well.  

Look here to see if someone in your area is selling one used, ask among your art community - we found ours from a fellow artist who wanted a new trimline.  the cost savings of a used tent is significant.  Also may want to check with party rental shops in your area - often they will have tents that are at the end of their service, but still very good and they just want to sell them at a discount. 

I found my used light dome on craigslist. We do have to pack a step stool to connect the center arches, but with the lower stabilizer bars and upper corner stay bars... It's a rock star! Unlike the photo, mine has just one arch from each corner with the center connection but the heights are really nice depending on what you need.

I did homework and eventually bought a Light Dome. Not inexpensive, but we are totally pleased with it.

You can call them and find out if they have anything in stock that can quickly ship.

You can sometimes find used ones if you are patient, but if you need this weekend, have you thought of contacting a local vendor to rent this one time?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. One of my biggest concerns is the ability to put up the tent all by myself. I work solo most shows. Another issue is fitting the beast into a smaller compact car.

You can put a light dome up by yourself (although you might need a small step stool, and having a friend always makes it easier.)

... but you can't get it into a compact car unless you are planning on hanging quite a bit out the back hatchback and hanging a red flag on the end.

I have a light dome tent and put it up by myself all the time. On the light dome the poles and the tent sides and top are all separate so that may work. I have a mini van so I am not sure how much space you have in your car or what else you have to get in the car.


Larry Berman posted about this tent recently

We use a commercial Impact Canopy and it's been a great canopy, very stable. We also made weights out of 3" white PVC tubes (30" height) and filled them with sand which we attached to the legs with bungie cords, works well and inexpensive.  They also sell cross bars for their half walls that seem to stabilize the canopy and helps with wind shake.  There are a few good canopy outfits out there, but buying a cheap one will not last a season of hard use. 

I surely hope someone clicked on the ads over there on the right hand side. Trimline from and ShowOff canopies keep this site going by their support. Pretty good tents ...


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