Mid July, John Michael Kohler Arts Center. It’s been a number of years since I did the show, so I don’t know what gets the best traffic.  They said on their email that “booth locations have not changed since last year,” but that does not help me a lot since it’s been a while. But if anyone has been there in the last few years, and can provide input,  that would be helpful.  


Thanks for your help!

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  • They are all good and equal booth spaces.... They just wrap around the street block, and the traffic flows accordingly.... The only difference is some are near music and others are not, and some are on the lawn and others on asphalt.


      Thanks, Alison! I remembered that – at least a long time ago- they had some booths up a grassy slope. Plus, AFSB still says some must dolly to space. It’s hard for me to set up if I can’t at least drive up to unload. And there were some booths along the north side of the Arts Center that got less traffic. It’s those situations I would like to avoid.

      • Right... they eliminated the booths on the grassy slope and moved all those booths to the street...... the only booths on the grass are those on the west side of the building--where the street is not closed off and there are only 1 row of booths instead of 1 on each side of the street. North, South and East sides of buildings booths are all on the street and have booths on both sides..... the folks at the Arts Center are very friendly and if you have a concern about dollying in, I would just call them up, or write, and make that request.  They try to accommodate artists the best to their ability. 

        • Thanks again! You are most helpful.

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