Best art fair this year

September 15&16 was the Park Forest Artists Fair. This is run by all volunteers and donations and I have to say it was one of the best run shows I have been in. Water all day long and booth sitting and every morning there was beagles yogurt juice and coffee. One last thing that put it over the top they put on a wonderful dinner for the artists. This was a two day show in a park like setting in the center of town the booths were generous size and they made sure they did not group the artists.You were able to drive up to your spot for loud in and out and set up started at 6 am the first day of the show. There was live music all day both days and volunteers walked around all day checking on everyone. There were indoor bathrooms facilities and an area to step into to cool down along with trash receptacles throughout the park to make sure the garbage was kept under control and parking was great. The crowds were steady all day both days people were there to By art and it showed . Sales were good. This was a great show

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  • Me too, C.C.! Why don't they put this in the prospectus? I've missed my childhood beagle, Honey, for so many years. 

    All kidding aside, thanks for the review. I've always heard this is a very artist friendly show. Are you hoping to return next year?

    • I'll bet Honey was sweet.  Beagles have their own niche in the dog world.  Ours was Ralph, and he was a bit of a rogue.  He and Honey probably would have hit it off.

      • Another beagle person here! Best doggies ever, mine were from the rescue.

        Jan thank you for posting. I have not been in need of a Sept show, but 2019 I plan to move back to Cleveland Oh area, and for next year plan to do more shows in the later part of the year- so I will be looking at this one. 

  • I would love a Beagle with my breakfast!

  • Everyone got a puppy?  Cool, this IS one of the best shows!  Lol. ;)

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