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Suzanne Ens,

I am not sure you are still participating here but I have a question about your review for the 3 Rivers show in Covington, LA. (The review was written 3 years ago and appears in the show review section.)

I am still a relative newcomer to shows, been doing them 3 years now.  You wrote:

". . . first time show artists making functional get best of show, . . ."

Excuse my ignorance but which is more of a problem... that a first time show artist won or that he or she produces functional pieces?  Are you saying this person is winning in his or her first show EVER or the first time here at this show?

I really don't know what the issue is.  :D


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  • Cindy did you apply this year? I read the reviews that you are talking about. I happen to love Covington and do really well there. This year will make my 3rd year at the show.

    • Kendra,

      I didn't apply this year.  I did last year but was not accepted.  My lack of application had nothing to do with the previous rejection.

      Our economy is just really suffering here due to the oil/gas industry.  In shows I've done before sales are down this year.  Plus this past spring my tent was destroyed due to a rain/wind event.  Yes, it was weighted but it did not help.  With the economy being so bad we are hesitant to replace the tent till after the first of the year.

      So I am doing one show this fall, an indoor show that is 2.5 days in New Roads, LA.  I won't have to purchase a tent, though some do set up their tents in the huge (soaring ceiling) venue.  We will reassess after the fall season.

      I am sure you did not expect a long answer but here it is.  LOL

      I hope you have a successful show!

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