• Hi Barbara,
    I have my website with Artstorefronts. It’s excellent. Not cheap. A lot of support on the technical side, and the marketing side, including learning, weekly meetings, plans and schedule for marketing. Awesome artist and photographer community. We’ve gotten to know each other on FB and zoom meetings.
    Cost is a one time payment which depends on the level, and then a monthly fee. The website is set up for e-commerce. You can be connected to a printer for print on demand, or be self fulfilled.
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    • Thank you so much Nancy!  As I understand it there's an initial cost of $1,000 - do you know why this is charged?  They don't seem to share their commission structure or what the monthly fee is.  Can you shed any light on that as well?  Again, Thank you so much for your insight!

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