I remember a few posts last year about a company that scheduled art shows in Cape Coral, then canceled them without returning the show fees that were paid.  I am wondering who was the promoter for those shows.  Since I live in the general area and am seeing a couple of shows I know nothing about, I want to make certain I am applying to any that this person does.  Can anyone help me.  Name of person and name of company would be much appreciated.  Thank you. 

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  • Hi Charlotte:  Someone else may weigh in to the contrary, but I live just across the river from Cape Coral (in Fort Myers) and I am unaware of any Cape Coral cancellations last year, let alone any that failed to refund money. 

    A search of the AFI website (search window at top of page for "Cape Coral" and "cancellation" and "refund" yielded no useful results. 

    • Thank you Geoff.  I thought I read a couple about it.  Maybe I am wrong.  I'm just wondering a new show.  I can't find anything about it.  

      • Are you talking about Blu Productions (I think that's their name)?  They're doing shows at the Gulf Coast Towne Center in Estero and the Edison Mall in Ft. Myers

        • Yes, I was wondering if they were the ones.  But I did NOT want to start a rumor.  Do you know anything about them? 

          • No, I do not know anything about the owners.  I know something about the venues: Gulf Coast Town Center hosted shows promoted by Boulderbrook (Richard P Sullivan) for several years.  It's a solid demographic, similar to (although slightly less upscale than) nearby Miromar Outlets. 

            Edison Mall was the premier shopping mall in Ft. Myers 20 years ago.  It is, as they say, faded glory.  A friend of mine who is a probation officer in nearby Cape Coral says that "Every time I go there, seems like 90% of the people I see are clients." 

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