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I have a very high quality artist tent that now costs over $1,000 new. (Domed, sky light, heavy material used for sides)I only used it twice many years ago and then moved it to Colorado. Here is the catch , somehow it got moved without all it's metal poles and the company that made it is out of business . If you are clever and motivated this is a deal ! Hubby wants it out of the garage :) PS it is quite heavy so not sure shipping is an option. I live near Denver CO.

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Do you know the manufacturers name? And what is the height of the vinyl sides?

Hi Valarie

My name is Gary I live in Grand Junction I'm just getting started doing art Fairs. I have done many craft fairs when I was fist married. Let me know if this is still available my contact is

Someone replyed on Craigs list. I will get back to you if they do not follow through

Sounds great have a great Day....

Have not heard back from Craigs list. Do you still want it ? It's a long long drive ! You are good at  making things work ? a couple of pvc arches for the roof are missing and at least one side pole and a cross pole or 2 ? I did not analyze too much because although in younger days I would have got busy making it work, now my husband and I are in our 60's and it's quite heavy to lug around so I was not actually heart broken at having to buy a lighter simpler tent . I have a show this weekend , but could meet you most any other times as we are retired.  

Yes I would love to have it. My brother lives in Golden or I'll come and get it today or tomorrow but if that doesn't work for you let me know. My number is 970-261-0714 


That works :) 720-212 5488 Just give me a heads up when you know an approximate time as I could be at the grocery or something

It's a Crafthut and we at Flourish bought Newton Display products.  We make all the poles and parts.

From what I am reading, this is a roof and 4 sides without the frame. I've used and still use a Crafthut and would be interested in replacing my used ones. They are light enough to be shipped.

The guy who thinks he wants this, would  he be better off buying a complete Trimline from Flourish? Luke, maybe you could post what a complete Crafthut frame would cost verses the price of the Trimline. 

CraftHut Frame $605.  Basic Trimline $945. 


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