I was wondering if anyone out there could give me advice on booth placement for Art in the Square, Southlake?  I just got my invite, and would like to pick my booth, but this is my first time doing this show and I have no idea what a good spot would be.  Any advice at all on this show would be appreciated.

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  • Best spots are at the center, around fountain(the circle in the middle). B, F and G areas are on pavement. E, A , C , H, L, J  almost all on grass if I remember correctly. Actually there are not bad areas, show is not big and customers go everywhere. Last year I was at Fountain Place across Kid's Corner, and I would like to avoid it in future: too noisy and kids play&run through your booth when you try to talk to customers. Kimberly, congratulations on getting in! This is very sweet show, I like it.

    • Thank you so much Marina!  Hopefully I can get a spot with grass, that pavement can be a little rough on the feet.

  • What state?

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