Greetings all..... from two artists who reside in the DC metro area (in Arlington, just across the bridge from DC).  I find it interesting that your thoughts on this area are so positive.  We are just starting out...really, have only "done' a few "fairs" which were not really art fairs.... we have been unable to enter shows because of the lack of equipment (pro panel etc...). We used to do well in galleries, until 3 years has been dead since then, so for the last 2 years we have been considering the "Fair Circuit".  it seems like a great adventure- like many people travel south for the winter...move all around and make their money and art life as such- is this true for most?  Sort of Art Gypsies? What about in art places like New York and New mexico...Art Fairs there?  I am curious and we are on the cusp of purchasing a set of pro panel walls and diving into the life.... just not sure what it is all about- but we are two painters sharing love and life-- and tired of having SO many paintings all around us- we want them to find homes so we can make more!  :D


We appreciate all thoughts and comments!

Claudia & Sergio

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  • Yes just like gypsies! Or as I term it, "itinerant artists". That's the title of my blog "Life as an Itinerant Artist".

    It's fun, but a lot of physical labor. You really have to love it, and put yourself into 100% to make it work. And yes, there are shows in New York (Armonk has a great, high-end festival) and New Mexico (Albuquerque has the Rio Grande festival). There are lots of shows, lots of artists. Everybody know everybody else. Read about it here, read my blog, bounce from site to site, you'll get the flavor of it.

    • Wow! So you are into this other work on the side. Do you stop for winter and then make more art? I guess you need a home to pull around the country?  What an interesting prospect!  We currently both paint full time and work part time as art teachers.... I will go take a look at your blog- thank you!


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