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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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I had my best year as an artist in 2019 and got whacked for $3K taxes. My accountant saved me from having to pay quarterly estimated taxes. I usually run the business with losses (on the books) to be carried forward to offset SS and investment income. Luckily you can push off tax payments this year until July 15, 2020. I will miss doing shows this year, but I am getting  lots of "all that put off stuff" done in studio: replacing ballasts in fluorescent lights, organizing scrap leather so it can be used up, sorting nuts, bolts and screws so I can find what I need quickly, organizing scrap metal for scrap yard run ( helped a neighbor clean up some trash pre-house sale and netted can of brass scrap, scrap copper pipe and 12 6' T posts and a lot of firewood- probably couple hundred $ there).  My clients are still out there working their horses, perfecting their acts and buying gear. Funny thing about my business is my best cash clients are law enforcement, judges and lawyers, Now where do these guys get cash? You do what you have to do to survive. Be safe everyone, better times are a comin'.

I'm hearing you may be able to stretch out those tax payments for a while in increments.

Thanks for info Barry. One of the first thing I did when I canceled all my summer shows was make up a spreadsheet of who owed or was going to owe me money, and when big insurance, state taxes and Federal taxes were going to come do. One of my saddle gals was able to pay balance on her saddle when she got paid by her clients for horse boarding fees. Sooo a little bit does trickle down to us workin' folks.  I'm still waiting for my $2400 (for 2) plague dollars. 

You better check this with the appropriate sources, maybe your accountant. I would hate to give you info that wasn't true.

As for your $2400, aren't you collecting Social Security? If so, you're supposed to get yours first. You can check on the IRS web site. I did that and found out when my $1200 was coming. A friend of mine checked and he found out that for some reason, they didn't have his account number and routing number which he gave them. He got his money a week later.

Precisely, Robert! Stay home, put that energy into tapping into online sources of revenue. What if you spent, say $3000, to get it going (and really you can do it for about $50), you've got something that will not be affected by the weather ... let alone the overhead! I'm working on a bunch of podcasts, blog posts to help. And I know you are a good learner, because of all the reports you've added to this site.

my credit card bill this month was the lowest in many years. 

We tend to neglect the huge overhead in this business because of all the plusses of doing art fairs. When we stopped doing shows and I started running these websites, it was like money coming out of the sky -- no booth fees, no hotels, no restaurants, no van payments, no supplies for inventory ... all I had to do was sit here. It was astonishing. 

There is some hope. Right after I posted my last comment, I got a couple of messages about 2 companies that have had successful results with their drugs. That makes 3 companies with successful results that I know of. All three are being used in trials because of the Compassionate Care Act. You can google these for the latest info: Pluristem, Gilead Sciences remdisiver, and Capricor's Cap-1002.

No KRASL this year. No surprise. That takes us to everything being cancelled through mid-July. Next up for me Ann Arbor. I hope they wait another month to make that decision even though I believe it isn't going to exist.

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you - we are canceling the 2020 Art Fair on the Bluff.  The primary consideration for this decision is for your health and safety and the health and safety of our community. Even though we can’t predict exactly what July will bring, we can reasonably predict asking you all to travel from around the country and inviting so many patrons could cause a risky public health situation. We feel it would be irresponsible to go forward at this time.

It is also important to us that we are able to return the booth fees as soon as possible to those of you who have committed to the show. We are working with ZAPP to make these 100% refunds as quickly as possible.

We know this is just a terrible time for all your businesses. Our staff and volunteers will be working throughout the next month to create an online presence for our patrons, members, and community at large to see your work and hopefully connect with you for a purchase. I will be sending out complete details as we solidify these plans. We will include all "Confirmed” and "Accepted” artists on this online platform. If you are still in the "Invited” category and would like to be included please move into "Accepted” by May 4, 2020.  There is no fee.

All of us at the Krasl Art Center, staff, board, and volunteers, wish you all the best during this awful time. We will be in regular contact with you and don’t hesitate to forward any questions, concerns, or suggestions to me at

I've attached the press release we are sending out later this morning.  Thank you for your commitment to our show.

Stay safe and healthy!

Dee Hodgson, Art Fair Manager

Your heart is heavy, my heart is heavy. Still crossing my fingers for Ann Arbor also.

The Portland (Maine) Fine Craft Show scheduled for August 22 just cancelled. This was in response to the Governor's plan for gradual, stepwise reopening, which will prohibit public gatherings of more than 50 people until at least September. Hard to imagine most other states won’t follow similar plans.

I realize my comments are going a bit off topic- I think that most of us are older and can handle the staying at home- well, we may not like it, but we can do it.

There are people "out there" that absolutely have to get back to work. I really feel for them. Some  are having problems that are now going beyond financial to mental. 

I'm in OH and I think that our governor is doing a great job. He was one of the first to shut down, and has been written up nationally for his decisions. I see him grappling with how to get the people that need to be working- back to working. 

I believe that we aren't going to be allowed to have more than 10 people together for some time.

No shows here. I have one show in VA outside DC in October that still hasn't given up.

Wickford Art Festival cancelled last night with Rhode Island apparently following a similar protocol regarding the prohibition of public gatherings. 

Judy, I couldn’t agree more about the need for people to get back to work, and probably every governor (some more competently than others) are wrestling with how. Your governor has been especially proactive and thoughtful, and so, I will say, has Maine’s. I had a 25 year career in Columbus, OH, and can’t imagine that place shut down. But, I think the writing is on the wall about artists going back to work at art fairs. I just think there will be ongoing prohibitions about large gatherings— for the foreseeable future big events like art fairs will just be viewed as Petri dishes for the spread of the virus.  Probably best just to look at that fact straight on.

Were you talking about the rescheduled Reston show? I’m still, hypothetically, a participant but if I were a betting man I’d bet a very big pile on that show being cancelled as well. 


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