Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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  • We are now getting cancellations for 2021. The Garage Sale in Kalamazoo in February cancelled a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, Coconut Grove cancelled, also, in February. I'll miss the Garage Sale. It attracts a great group of artists and is well attended. I have a number of repeat customers there. I won't miss Coconut Grove at all. I, and many of my artist friends who had done the Grove for years, stopped doing it a while ago. The best thing is that they cancelled in advance of sending an application fee. Btw, I don't consider cancelling the Grove to be heartbreaking, tragic, or stunning. Miami is still the hotspot in the country for COVID-16. They are doing the artist community a favor by cancelling.

  • I had posted elsewhere here at AFI that Vintage Market Days of Amite would be in October.  It has now been cancelled.  They are now focusing on their March 2021 show.

  • The Wells Street Art Festival in Chicago moved from June to August, and now of course it is cancelled.  I tried to find out about booth fee refunds when it cancelled back in May.  After sending several emails I got a response saying they would transfer my fees to the show in August.  That was my only option.  Now that it is cancelled until next year, I emailed again, and actually got a pretty quick response saying that they will apply my fees to the show in June of next year.  I don't know of any other shows that are not offering the refund option.  What if I am not available that week, or if the 2021 season doesn't happen?  I'm really disappointed...I've never done this show before and I could really use my $600 back at this time.  

  • It doesn't seem necessary to post cancellations now because almost every show has been cancelled. That being said Jon Witz just cancelled Arts, Beats, and Eats. They're doing some virtual thing. You'd have to check the website to find out what that is. I posted this because some people at this web site have been a part of this in the past for a number of years.

    • Thanks, Barry. I am stunned. I know Jon tried to hang on as long as possible. I am considering volunteering at Arts, Beats & Eats over those days. I was part of their organization for at least 10 years and they are all smart, fun and hardworking. Do I need a busman's holiday, or should I just take a nap?

  • I just saw the email about St James. I was so hopeful.

    • Two more shows are now virtual:

      Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VA) Craft + Design, Nov. 20-29

      Academy Art Museum Craft Show, Easton, Maryland, Oct. 16-18

      • St. James Court Art Show in historic old Louisville, KY is cancelled for October 1 - 3, 2020:

        "To stay connected to the artists, check our website and follow us on social media outlets. All artists, in all five sections, will be able to be found in the Featured Artists section...The Featured Artists section will be available 24/7 from September 1, 2020, to August 1, 2021."

        • SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine — The Island Arts Association has canceled the following craft fairs due to the COVID–19 pandemic: the Spring Craft Fair in Southwest Harbor June 20-21, the annual Fourth of July Craft Fair at the MDI YMCA and the craft fair in Southwest Harbor Aug. 15-16. No decisions have been made for the Labor Day Craft Fair at the Village Green in Bar Harbor at this time.  

  • It’s just not worth it until there is a vaccine and reliable treatment for those infected.
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