This may be a 2 part question.

On one hand, it seem that there are not enough shows, If there were there would not be much stress about whether you will get into a show or not  The scarcity of shows is what allows organizers to charge jury fees in addition to booth fees.  More shows would mean more spaces, more artists out there promoting their work.   Which kind of leads to the second part of the question, would more shows over saturate the market or would more shows drive up demand by keeping art in front of the buying public and reminding them that they need and want it. 

There may not be right or wrong answers to this question, What do you think?


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  • There is no scarcity of art shows here in lower east VA. There are plenty and they ALL charge jury fees. Some booth fees might be over the top but I don't do those. I think having more shows would be better quite frankly. Some smaller art shows appear to be doing as well with sales as the larger shows and not costing artists an arm and a leg, logistics are better and some easier to handle. You can actually earn as much as a big show. Ive done it in one day! So I would vote for more of those. No stress getting in either. This is a tourist area so the more the merrier, is what I say.
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