• We worked this show pre-covid.  

    I have to preface this by saying that I don't like Bill K much and he absolutely despises me.   I trashed one of his other shows online (it deserved it) and he was not pleased.    We were halfway from Broward to St Pete to set up when he called, told me he was surprised he had accepted us and offered us a refund to NOT come, our relationship is so toxic.  

    But we went, set up, and I have to say the show was excellent.   The quality of the work, unlike my experience at two other Paragon shows (hence our relationship) was excellent, sales were very good, and the show was pretty well organized. A bit of a hassle to dolly everything in, but I've seen a lot worse.   And the quality of the market in St. Pete is primo.

    So go; you might do well there.  We won't go back only because I don't think Paragon will have us, but this was a good show.  Paragon deserves credit for this one. 

    And St Pete is one of the nicer cities in our state.  I like going there, whether we're working or not.

    • Thanks Larry. I'm new to the game this year and so far have had nothing but good experiences from the show organizers. St Pete is about 2.5 hrs from my house so I have to make a commitment and get a room or sleep in the car (not). Hoping for the best and your review helps with my decision.


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