Hi All,

I've just gotten off the waitlist at A2 South University show, and I'm currently scheduled to do the Amdur North Shore at Old Orchard (IL) fest the same weekend.

Considering all I've read about possible bad spots, parking costs, lodging costs, long hours, etc. etc. about Ann Arbor, is it worth trying it anyway in the hopes of better sales than Old Orchard? I'm a traditional (landscape/still life) oil painter. Can I even do the A2 show alone or is that crazy? I'm a newbie at all this...

Anyone have insights to be able to compare the 2 shows?

Thanks so much for any input!



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  • Good Luck Karen. Yes, let us know what you think of the Amdur show. I wold like to do some, but hubby is concerned about the gas mileage. -Ann Marie
  • Church is not the main drag -- that would be South University. This is really a toss up. Definitely a better chance to make bigger money at AA. Did you add up your costs for OO and then the costs to do AA and compare the two? adding in, of course, losing your money for OO. I'm sure AA will cost more. How much money will you have to earn before you break even? How does that look to you? Yes, you can do AA by yourself, just bring a cooler and pace yourself. Long days, hot weather, but an experience to be had for sure.
    • Thank you Amy and Connie! Your insights are much appreciated! Well I think I'm going to roll the dice on AA... phew! a little nervous...fingers crossed...  :)
      • Atta girl! Bigger gamble but hopefully a bigger payoff -- you will learn lots of lessons, but I'm sure you are nervous. Best wishes!
      • Certainly, let us know how it goes! Best wishes! : )
  • In my opinion (I've done OO in the past...many times) I would think your genre/medium would do MUCH better in A2 than at a show in a shopping mall in Skokie, IL. Best wishes!
  • Hi Carla and Linnea,

    Thanks so much for both of your thoughts! You're right Carla, about how different people can do at the same show! Doesn't help in trying to project... But yes I've already paid for Amdur, so I'd have to add that into the AA costs (their booth fee plus the lost Amdur fee).

    Linnea, I think I was able to find a hotel in AA, it's just such a big gamble....


    • Karen, also take a look into Airbnb.com They are people who offer a room in their home to stay in---at a more reasonable price. In most cases, they open up their kitchen too. If you need more information about their services, go ahead and email me at WCrosmun@gmail.com
      • Thanks Ann! I may just email you about that if I take the AA risk.


    • I found out I'd be on N. Church St. at AA...anyone know about this area?

      Thanks again!

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