A Flourish/TrimLine Tent is the most professional canopy on the market.

This one has only been used three times, in good weather (So Cal) and is in excellent condition. New, the price was over $1600.00, plus included are lots of extras. 

Asking $1,150 (OBO)

Flourish/TrimLine Tent Set Up Includes:

  • TrimLine Canopy 10 x 10 (Top and side walls, one with split/zipper opening)
  • Anchors - Set of Ground Screws and 10” Steel Spikes for anchoring the canopy to the ground. Cross spikes through feet to create a secure anchor. 2 screws and 4 spikes.
  • Poles for 10’x10’ Tent, with heavy duty bungees for bundling poles.

Plus Extras:

  • Lower StaBar Kit
  • Easy Riser Kit - for 7 ft. canopy with StaBar
  • Awning - 30 in. White
  • Banner Frame - 10 ft. - Attaches to Awning Frame
  • One Mesh Pole Bag - 65" - White
  • Two Mesh Pole Bags - 65" - Black
  • 16 US Weight Deluxe Eco-Canopy 10 pound Weights with 4 Carry Straps – (40 lb. per tent leg). Value: $160 (Used once).

Photos of booth by Flourish are available on their website:   http://www.flourishdisplays.com/photo_gallery#/

Amazon Photos of weights:


Pick up in Indio, CA or FREE Delivery anywhere in the Coachella Valley, CA (No Shipping).

Contact: Bettie Miner, 818-427-8441 or Bettie@MinerWorksofArt.com

Flourish-Trimline Booth MWoA.jpg

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  • Hello, is this still available? if so please call Tana at 505-577-9638

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