Hi everyone. I am a new Art Fair Insider member, and new to art fairs in general. I am a sculptor who, with untold support from my very understanding wife, quit my 25-year digital UX design career in March of 2020 (superb timing) to give the full-time art life a whirl. I have been to one show in July of this year, sold nothing, but learned a lot from other artists (like that wasn't the show for me). I have since scouted out some other local shows, learned even more from attending artists, upgraded my tent, and am looking forward to applying to more shows next year. And hopefully selling something. Nice to meet you all.

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  • Hi Jeremy!  Welcome.  Your background in UX design will be most helpful when applying to shows via online services. LOL.  Just kidding.


    • Indeed! At least in that I can't help but find the mistakes in usability. Old habits die hard.

  • Thanks for joining us. Yes, doing that first or second show definitely teaches you a lot. Scouting, attending events nearby also adds to your future success. It also helps to zero in on the booths that you see in your own category to learn what to do next. Do explore the forms here, there are over 15 years worth of helpful tips that should make your next show even better. The people who seem to have the most success in this business are the seasoned people who have had other careers and are willing to Pay the price for starting over again in a new one. But that past experience really pays off here.

    • Thanks Connie! Let's hope that past experience counts for something, since this can sometimes feel like starting junior high all over again. That is if you had to bring a tent to junior high and display all your school work.

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