I need a new phone. I have not had a smart phone before; just didn’t want to take the time to learn how to use one. But it’s time to stop being stubborn. I could use some recommendations. I know so little I don’t know where to start. Is there a site where I can get basic information? Like Wikipedia for phones?

My husband likes his LG, I find it very unintuitive. A friend also has one and hates it. I also don’t want such a large phone. I wear my present one in a holster at my waist, and don’t want to have to keep something that big in a pocket. His LG automatically uploads his photos to a Google cloud site. I don’t know if that is a feature of those phones or if they all do it. I take a lot of photos, but they are just for me: I am not a “real” photographer, so don’t need something fantastic or editing function in the phone. If I want to edit or crop I’ll do it on my computer.

I am inclined toward an IPhone – but only a dirt simple one, if such a thing exists - since I heard that when traveling overseas you can text or chat with any other IPhone for free. My kids both have them. They have said that they are very intuitive and easy to learn with.

I don’t play games or watch videos, so the apps I want will be few. Things like weather, mapping, email, Facebook.

We have a contract with ATT, as we have 4 phones sharing data. I saw some simpler I Phones (SE I think?) at the ATT store, but buying them is outside our contract. One is a GO phone. I don’t know much about those, but think that makes no sense since we have a data plan. I might as well just buy one at a store, right? T

hanks for your advice.

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  • I second the vote for an iPhone. I resisted smartphones for years, but finally relented a few years ago and now I wonder why I waited. I have an iPhone 5s (still on my first smartphone!). It is very intuitive to use. My boyfriend always seems to be fighting with his Galaxy Note, but refuses to consider anything Apple for unknown reasons. Whatever. Once you have a smartphone, you may find that you use is for more than you thought you would. Actually, I have found an iPad to be far more useful to me than the iPhone. Something to consider.

  • Although getting an iPhone through AT&T will lock you into a contract, if you get an older model (still new) you may be able to get it for nothing or a steeply discounted price. I picked up one a few years back, a 3 as I recall, after the 4 had come out and got it for nothing. Hard to beat that deal.
    • Thanks. The cheapest one they had was $ 350. Even the 2 year old model (which is the Go Phone version) We get no discount on buying any i phone, even though our plan is with them. Does not seem right, but I guess what they want to do is sell you a different brand. 

      • Check by phone rather than going into an office, you'll probably get a different answer.
        • Sounds like I need to check additional ATT stores. 

  • I use the Iphone and have had several previous to this one. I find it reliable and easy to use. If you get one through the ATT store it will lock you in to having to stay with ATT. i use Conssumer Cellular and find it very versatile

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