Hi~We have done some research, but all I have seen are commercial/carnival-food sign quality pics. I am sure you all know what I mean. We do not want shiny-glossy hangings for our pictures & hey, we just had the best Photographer ever~(Larry Berman), so of course we want them in a nice hanging. ANY SUGGESTIONS besides Office Max, ect...Thank you in advance!  Kathleen V. Smith & Steven Hedstrom

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  • You can choose either vinyl banners, which have grommets for hanging, or you can choose a regular photo mounted on Cor-plast (corrugated plastic). Denny Manufacturing has excellent quality and fast turnaround times at a reasonable cost for banners. It will be helpful to know what sort of walls you have to help decide which is better.

    •  I am going with a silk/polyester-not vinyl, but thank you for your suggestion. kathleen

  • I would help you but... I am not worthy. After all you just stated "...best Photographer ever~(Larry Berman)" So my advice as a professional Fine art Photographer would not be of value.

    Ask Larry Berman  :-)

    • OH MY, Larry~STOP!! You know you're good too, so you shouldn't care about my opinion! We were just so happy with the pics.~that's all!  Actually, Larry DID suggest a site & I'm waiting for a couple call-backs. In the meantime, I thought I would come on HERE & see if anyone has any ideas to share...

      • Just "good too" ?????

        Ok, had to have fun with it :-)

        So, if I understand you are trying to figure out, where to get your digital images printed?

        Mine would be top shelf, however I only print my own work (all of it & it's good too). If you want very high quality try Duggal in NY. They do very good work. If you don't want glossy, just choose Mat finish. Tell them what your intention is. They are experts at doing just this.

        Not cheap but good.

        • Larry,~No, you're great TOO! My humble apologies-no harm intended!  I am glad you have a sense of humor as most Artists do!  Thank you~I will look into that Company & appreciate your help. I don't care if they aren't cheap. I don't want a cheap look with a good pic-LOL! Thanks again, Kathleen

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