acre wholesale shows

i have been accepted as an emerging artist for the aug 2013 show. having never done a trade show before i am seeking advice on lighting, and everything else---i have a 5' x 10' booth to work with--HELP please

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  • So, how was your show? I'm not seeing too much good about ACRE NE

  • So how is the battle with the up coming show?

  • Hi there 

    I am as well its very exciting and scary at the same time...  Are you with wholesale ...

    I have no idea what to expect how much product etc... Just got a couple orders off the site which is great but it seems to be taking awhile to get them out which makes me think again about production and how many orders I can take at a show..

    We will see..... I am doing research as I go and will pass it along when i have something exciting

  • OOOPS MEANT 2014 show

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