A potential way to start art shows on a limited basis. A drive by art show. Artists set their tents up either in the street facing the center of the street (if the street is wide enough) or on the sidewalk facing the street. Then potential customers slowly drive by stopping to ask questions or purchasing what they see.

Lots of issues and need of discussions.

Larry Berman

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  • Drive by or not, I suggest everyone get custom masks made from pictures of their art work.

    Larry Berman

  • Drive by?...omg-LOL!

  • Only one car stopping in front of a tent for too long might cause a traffic jam

    • This is why I think it would work better in a big parking lot rather than on the street. 

  • Either of these suggestions seem okay for people who have larger things to display.  Unsure how it would work for people with smaller items, especially jewelry where people want to pick up and try on. 

  • My personal idea would be to take an empty mall parking lot (since so many are closed for the pandemic) and turn it into a drive in art fair. I would hope something like this wouldn't be against mass gathering restrictions. 

    If it is, then having people slowly drive through and stop at the booths they are interested in might be a way of getting around this.

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