• I had not heard of print sleeves before. I was just on the website, but could not find a good picture of your "Print sleeves easy open locking flap". Which side opens? Also, is the adhesive on the flap or on the bag? Is there a photo somewhere? 

    Basically, I'm wondering, do you have the same thing as this one:

    If so, I would be happy to buy quite a few of them!

    • I just tried contacting them through their chat session.

      Here is the result.

      Melody - "My apologies, the bags do have adhesive on the flap."
      Me - Is the adhesive reusable many, many times? In other words can i seal, open, seal, reopen many times without damage?
      Melody - "No it is not. The adhesive is not that strong."
      • Sorry I did not see this earlier. I thought I had this setup for notification emails. I am afraid Melody was wrong and I will talk to her. The adhesive is on the bag not the flap and it is reusable but will not last indefinitely. They are from clearbags. We may have a little lower price or shipping depending on where you are and the quantity you need. We also sell some sizes in 10-packs instead of 100 packs. Clearbags does not sell 10-packs. Our print sleeves are sold out.



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