I recently bought a used Trimline Canopy. The Mesh Panels and Sta Bars came with it. I was going to keep the Sta Bars, but it seems, I do not use them. So both the Mesh Panels and Sta bars are for sale. I will take $400 for the lot, or best offer. All are in very good condition.

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  • I am also interested in the walls and stay bars.

    Are they definitely gone?



    • Kelly, The mesh panels were not the right size (10'x6'). So they are still available. And so are the sta bars. Where are you located?

      • I'm in Albuquerque, NM

        So the walls are 10' across and 6' tall?

        I have a canopy - a pop-up tent already.

        Will your walls and frame work with my tent? Flourish does sell some that go with tents other than their own. I don't know if they are designed differently or not?


        • Kelly, I just spoke with Tom at Flourish Canopy. He said the Trimline panels and sta bars are not an easy fit for a "Pop-up tent. They can fit a Light Dome or Trimline... And they are actually for  a 7 foot canopy; Not 6 foot.

          • OK. My tent is actually 7' tall at the top corners. :)

            So, 7' would probably be fine.

            I wonder why they are not an easy fit? The clamps/or way they attach to the legs? (trying to learn about all the possibilities)

            No worries... thanks!!

            • I would call Flourish and ask if there's a way. Maybe there is...

              • Before I get carried away...

                "$400 for the lot" includes the tent, stay bars & walls or

                just the walls and stay bars?

                • Yes, Just the panels and sta bars. Plus shipping. But I'm flexible.

  • Hey Barry! Was wondering if your mesh walls & Sta Bars have been bought. Could you please contact me at asyoulikeitgallery@verizon.net Thank you!


    • Amy, I've sent a reply to your email.

This reply was deleted.