I have a set of 3 Flourish mesh walls for a 10x10 pop-up canopy (canopy not included). 1 of them was used once, they are all in great shape, with bag, instructions, and stabars. Asking $600. 10438730669?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Hi!  Just wondering if these have sold??

    • these have sold, thank you!

  • Hi!  Sounds like these are sold, but if for any reason they are not I am very interested in purchasing.  I have an ABC Professional white canopy with straight square legs I'm hoping these would fit and have at least 3 shows this year, and looking for more.   I need no later than May 20 for a very large juried show here in CT.  Will post an ISO on the bigger page as well.  Thank you!

  • Hello, If the sale falls through, I would like to purchase please and have them shipped to Michigan.


    • these have sold, thank you

  • Hey Susie, 

    Just to be clear, YES, I am good with $75-100 for shipping.


    • I will email you - thanks!

  • Hi Susie!

    YAY!!! I would love to buy them and have you ship them!!! That's so cool that your sis-in-law went to school here and that your nephew is going here in the fall! KC Art Institute, I presume? It's a fantastic school! Please contact me at brendaepryor@gmail.com and let me know how you would like me to pay you. Thank you, Susie!!!


  • Hi Susie!

    Do you still have your 3 Flourish mesh walls for a 10x10 pop-up canopy still available? What color are they? Would you consider shipping them? If not, I may be able to drive to get them if they are still available.

    • Hi Brenda! They are still available and they are white. I would consider shipping them, they aren't very heavy, just long! I could get a UPS estimate and add it to the total.

      I see you're located in KC!  My sis-in-law went to art school in KC and my nephew is going there in the fall for film. They live in Columbia.  Let me see what I can find for shipping costs.

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