Anyone want to post a review of this show from a couple of weekends ago?  I applied and was waitlisted. What bugs me isn’t being waitlisted but the ENTIRE application only asks two questions:

1. Describe your technique/medium in 100 CHARACTERS (not words mind you, characters)

2. Have you ever participated in this show before

That’s it.......I couldn’t describe what I had for breakfast in 100 characters, let alone what all goes into my fine art photography, hahaha. 

The only other downer is that out of 175ish artists, there were only 7 photogs by my count. I’m not saying every category has to be equitable, but less than 5% made me sad. Done venting......., I’ll try harder next year! Thanks,


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  • Hey Donald, we have one review on our website for this show.  Click on the link to read it.  That review is several years old so if there is anybody that would like to write a new one that would be great.  

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