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What a great forum and I'm so glad we found it!

Last year we purchased a big shipment of Dark Grey Pro Panels and accessories for an odd shaped Art Show Booth in Manhattan Beach.  We haven't had a need for them since then, so we are happy to rent or sell them outright.  They are in like-new shape!  Save time and shipping!

Here's the big list:

(5) Space Saver Panel with Leg Extensions - 38.5", Dark Grey
(4) Space Saver Panelwith Leg Extensions - 30", Dark Grey
(5) Space Saver Panelwith Leg Extensions - 25.5", Dark Grey 5
(1) Space Saver Panelwith Leg Extensions - 24", Dark Grey 1
(4) Space Saver Panelwith Leg Extensions - 18", Dark Grey 4
(6) Standard Stiffener 
(4) L Stiffener 
(5) Adjustable Stiffener
(1) T Stiffener
(2) Panel Connector
(2) Light Bar Adapter
(3) Support Bars - Short (45.5" to 84")
(4) Support Bars - 2 in 1 (46.5" to 122")
(20) Cable Hanger - 48", Black
(6) Extra Pro Gripper
(4) Anchor Hanger includes 2 S Hooks
(2) Hanger Kit (1 Anchor & 2 Extensions)
(1) Hanger Posts (bag of 10)
(1) Cable Caddy - Oatmeal
(1)Velcro Dots Small Roll - 1/2" 
(1) Velcro Dots Small Roll - 7/8" 
(41) Included Couplers

(22) Included Connectors

Still have the big shipping boxes, can deliver the Pro Panels in Southern California for a fee and happy to have you come inspect them prior to purchase or rental in Downtown Los Angeles.

Open to offers.  


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  • Hi Nasho! I'm coming up to LA this weekend, and I'd be interested in space savors to fill a 10x10 space! Do you have a contact number or email I can reach out to? Thanks so much :) 

  • Lowering the price of our entire package to $3400 -- $1600 off!  Our space is limited so we need to offload them!  

  • Also lowering the price to $3600!  That's $1400 off -- and they are practically brand new!!  


  • Hi- I am looking for a set of leg extension retro fits for my propanel display. If you have these on your panels,  you be willing to sell them separately? 

    • Hi Kate --  We'd prefer to sell our Pro Panels fully assembled! Good question though -- and if you want to get some new ones...by all means :)

  • These are still available in Southern California -- if anyone is interested.  We bought the whole thing for around $5000 with LTL shipping and looking to get $3800.  Practically brand new.  Thanks!

    (the images are just sections of them)10528632485?profile=RESIZE_930x10528643255?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Hi Nasho, I am in Redondo Beach. Are these still available?

    • Hi Lauren

      Yes few nibbles but still available!

      • Hi Nasho, can you send me a photo with what you have left please? 424 392 0705

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