I am selling (12) 7-foot knock-down Pro Panels. The "knock-down" style allows you to break the panels into 2 smaller pieces and makes it easier to transport in a car or SUV. They are in great condition.


(9) 7' high x 30" wide panels in Dark Grey with telescoping legs (each panel sells for $185 brand new - https://www.propanels.com/product/7-knock-down-panel/)

(3) 7' high x 25 1/2" wide panels in Dark Grey with telescoping legs (each panel sells for $185 brand new - https://www.propanels.com/product/7-knock-down-panel/)

(2) 38" wide print bins in Light Grey with telescoping legs (each bin sells for $235 brand new - https://www.propanels.com/product/print-bin/).  The base is 30″ high. The sling has a hard bottom that recesses in the frame 10″ and rises 12″ above the base.

(1) 42" high mini desk with 1 shelf in Dark Grey (this sells for $165 brand new - https://www.propanels.com/product/mini-desk/)


Buying all of these brand new from Pro Panels would be $2,855. I am selling the whole set for $1,900.


Pick-up only. I am located in Lakeland, Florida.


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  • have you sold the panels?

    • Yes, the panels are sold. We still have the 2 prints bins and the mini desk.

  • Did you sell the desk? Looking to buy just the desk, I also have three bins for sale that I won't be using anymore and a show off tent if anyone is interested. Call me or email  561 324 0100


    Laurie Hein

  • Hi, James, did you sell the bin & desk? Thanks Susan in Orlando 

  • Did you get to sell these items?

    • Hi, Eulises.

      We sold the 12 panels but we still have the print bins and mini desk.

      • Thank you for your response.  What are you asking for them?

        • We are asking $425 for the set of 2 print bins and 1 mini desk.

  • Are these still available? I live in Broward County FL and I am interested. Thanks

    Mark 954-345-0500

  • Hi,   We are looking for display panels.    

    Would you consider selling the Panels without the bins and desk?

    And if so what would the price be?

    Thank you so much!  Jeni leemis




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