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The last time that I had health ins for my husband and myself was in 2008 through an insurance agent for $10,000 emergency plan.

We are currently insured under my husband's plan at his work, but he will stop work soon and join me in my business.

I called my old ins. agent and he told me to start with the Affordable Care Act website.

I am lost.

Does everyone now go this way?

I didn't finish the app. but it looks like we will be paying a LOT per month.

Any alternatives?

Just pointing me in the right direction or giving any explanation would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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I guess that no one can help me because there aren't any insurance options?

For Everyone's info- I went to another forum where a similar question was asked tonight, and there are 41 responses so far. Without actually counting it seems that over 1/2 who are on the ACA think it is expensive and that they aren't really getting much coverage with a deductible of $6000 or more. Others seem to be satisfied. The only option that anyone has mentioned was through Christian organizations that have insurance that will qualify, but I do not know about the quality of coverage. I personally know someone who does have that type of insurance for their family of four. It works differently than regular insurance with a high deductible, but they are satisfied that they are using the best program for themselves.

Have you tried your local Chamber of Commerce. I know the one in my town offers a group rate for small businesses. I personally have never used it because we have great insurance with my husbands employer. But it might be an option.


I think that you may have pointed me in the right direction and I am so grateful.

 I found a major hospital network in the area where we will be moving that has health ins. for individuals.

Enough plans that there should be one that would work for us-hopefully. Thanks so much!


We are self employed.  We have a retail store that is family owned.  We have always had to purchase our own insurance.  Like you, we would like more affordable solutions.  We have had BCBS since the early 90's and have always had to have a high deductible to make it affordable. In the late 90's we contacted several insurance companies for quotes, 3 companies I think.  They either had higher premiums, less coverage or would not write a policy.  I cannot imagine that anyone would write a new policy on us now, well without the federal mandate.  Due to dd's health we could not do without it.  Then dh in the last 10 years or so has had health issues related to his heart.  We know we have to stay with what we have though it costs us more than some house payments.  Our deductible is still high.  We just have to live on a tighter budget to be able to afford it.

I doubt this helps you any but I wanted to let you know others share your concerns.

Thanks for your comments, Cindy. I realize that any coverage will be costly, and I want to get something for what I'm paying. This hospital network looks possible. It covers 3 counties of residents, and it seems that if anyone could offer some benefits, it would be a hospital network?

It's not the ACA exchange that is expensive, it's the insurance policies sold there. If you bought the same policy directly, it would be pretty much the same.

When you consider the cost, make sure you factor in any subsidy, which is a feature of the ACA. You may find that your monthly cost is much lower than you first think.

It is true that health insurance prices are going up. However, many people have forgotten that they were going up prior to the ACA.


I am not blaming the ACA, just at the beginning stage of finding insurance.

Yes, I realize that it is more expensive now, then add on that we are 10 years older then when I last had private insurance.

We are in the process of doing some life changes, which includes my husband retiring so that we may move back to Ohio.

I retired from my day job at age 57 a year ago and was the primary insurer for DH and myself at that time through my employer.  DH is self employed.  We signed up for ACA through the marketplace onto an Anthem BCBS plan that was $1260/mo with a $3000 deductible blah blah blah.  DH had serious health issue last year so we sure were glad to have it.  I have heart issues so before the ACA I was "un-insurable" and could only get insurance through an employer. 

We had to update the insurance for 2017 and have gone with another company's plan this time $1080/mo with a $1000 deductible and paper thin benefits.  The Anthem premium went through the roof so that was out.  We do not qualify for any of the premium discounts that are given based on income so pay the full price.  The insurance available varies state to state.  We feel very insecure since the election and just waiting to see what will happen. Good luck with your options.  Even when I was employed paying my half of the insurance was expensive and those costs seem to be rising for everyone as well. 

Formerly in the health care industry, I can tell you the sh*t is getting ready to hit the fan on all of us on this topic.  I want to spend my time left on this earth fulfilling my creative passion healthcare or not, so will make the best of it.  To say the least the whole system is a quagmire.  I am grateful though that being one with history of health issue, I cannot be excluded and pray this continues.  Otherwise, as a self employed person, I will be completely locked out of any insurance available as I was before. 

Hi Judy,

There is NASE. National Association for the Self Employed.

It's my 3rd year with ACA I pay much less than before and have lower deductibles as well! Coverage is very good! I'm terified of the changes that will be coming!
I had a hard time finding insurance before ACA !

Frankly, a lot depends on whether you are in a Red State or a Blue State and whether they have an exchange site that is up and easy to use.  Having said that.... I own several companies and living in a Democratic site I used the exchange here in NY but its a pain in the butt.

I went with a broker.  It saved me a ton and they were very valuable.  You don't pay more by using a broker, and they can save you money.  I would do a Google Search for health care brokers in your area.  Call them and they will advise you for your situation.

Also know that ACA or Obamacare is what the law is called.... not a set of health insurance plans that are somehow separate from others in some way. :)

Thank you everyone for being so kind and taking the time to give me some insight and help.

I feel more informed on this subject now, to the point where we will continue with retirement/ full time working on business, even with leaving behind my husband's current ins. from his employment.

Best to all,



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