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Have moved and no longer do shows.  All equipment used only TWICE so like new.  Panels still in packing boxes.  Great for beginning to do shows.  All parts necessary to set up and hang artwork.

10x10 EZ-UP canopy, white, 4 walls, name banner, roller bag

Pro-Panels - black.  Space Saver style w/telescoping legs so all fit in small SUV.  65" of display space, adjust from 71" to 84" overall.

     3  30" wide with skirt

     1  381/2" wide with skirt

     2  30x12" quick shelf w/brackets

     2  straight stiffeners

     1  'L' stiffeners

     1  2in1 telescoping support bar

     2  hanger kits (hang heavy art)

     drapery hooks, S hooks, connectors, couplers all in ditty bag

4 Homemade weights (pvc with cement) and pully ropes

2 Folding tables, white, very light weight  (Lifetime)  48"x24"

2 black jersey table skirt covers

1 black jersey drapery and hanging rod (great for backdrop)

Located in Grand Rapids.

Original cost $1460 - am asking $1100.

Photo of canopy is from current EZ-UP website for reference only.

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Sorry folks, I forgot to list my selling price!  Totaled around $1460 new, am asking $1100.

Hello. I am just starting out and researching booth set ups.  By space saver style, do you mean they are the half size knock down panels which stack? Also, we have an Equinox.  Would they fit in this vehicle?  We live in Kalamazoo.  My daughter-in-law is an artist and we would be transporting the items to NJ to do a show together.


Yes LouAnn - they break down to half height.  We get everything I have listed plus my mosaic artwork and bins into our Rav4 with the back seats down.  I think our cars are similar in size.  

This is an excellent set up for starting out.  Please email for more info if you would like to check it all out.  


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