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  1. Beseler Photo Enlarger 45V-XL - $250 or Best Offer (really needs a home, not a landfill)

    Used in professional darkroom. Includes Chassis, baseboard, Head w/Power Supply, V.C. Controller w/Pro, V.C. System Pkg, 35MM-25x37 Carrier, Standard 35MM Carrier. 

    The 45 V-XL sets the standard for professional laboratory use, offering faster operation, greater productivity, increased efficiency and unprecedented versatility in a large format enlarger.

    Paid $3388 in June 1997. It has not been used for 10 years. Pickup only, south central Michigan.

  2. Enlarger lenses, Schneider optics
  3. Negative holders
  4. Easels
  5. Grain focuser
  6. Digital Omega timer and GraLab timers (2)
  7. Olympus auto bellows
  8. Osram safe lights
  9. 2 light boxes
  10. 2 air compressors
  11. temperature controller
  12. unending supply of beakers, trays and whatever else you need to develop and print
  13. film & paper
  14. unopened 10 foot roll of seamless
  15. whatever else you might need may be here also ...

Price: whatever you think is fair.

I am hosting a garage sale on August 11 & 12 here in south central Michigan, but hoped to put some of this in the hands of my friends.

Please put questions in the comments below. 

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What tale of woe for darkroom photography

To sell the beast Beseler for two-fifty?

When bought new for plenty

More cash than twelve twenties

And a ten-spot did bring it home with me!

So nicely put Barrie :-)

How about doing it in Haiku  ;-)

Thanks for the kind words, Larry. I see Pat Parnow has included a fine Haiku below. I'm a bit rushed this a.m. getting ready to head out and set up at the Sedona Arts Festival. I'll get back to this sometime soon. WOOHOO!

Done is the darkroom
With photography these days.
I shall remember!

Is there anything left?

Yes, there is. One of the enlargers's sale fell through, the 23C Beseler. Plus, we have timers, negative holders, paper, some film, paper safes ... just about anything you can think of. Is there something specific you'd like?

Your remaining enlarger is the newer model Beseler, the 23CII. I had the older blue model with color head.

Funny thing, I sold all mine--THE WORKS--10 years ago for $250 (including an Omega D2 Prolab with Zone VI cold light) and the person who bought it all recently moved. She called me and said that she couldn't take the darkroom and thus asked if I wanted it all back--for FREE! I went and hauled it all back home. I can't believe it myself! Got back my four King Concept 35mm film developing reels, all kinds of things that I scraped by to get. All the good stuff. Can't believe it's all in my basement again.

Well, I just wonder how happy A. B. will be if she ever has to find a home for all of this ;)

If you have the timers left, could u give me your absolute best price. Many thanks! Bill

What would they (or even one) be a good price for you, Bill?

How about fifty bucks for all five of them?

Thanks for your consideration!

Sorry, Bill, this big bunch of work, nearly an entire SUV backend's load, was sold about 10 days ago. 

What I have left, if it is of any interest to you is an art fair desk, that sits between two directors chairs, battery operated fans, a few lights and a big fan for the center of the booth. 


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